Relief :

Beauvezer is tucked in the centre of the Upper Verdon valley, between Allos and Saint André les Alpes. The orientation of the valley is north-south, and its altitude is between 1000 and 2000 metres, with our village situated at 1175 metres.
The mountain range which dominates the valley is about 2500 metres on average, culminating in the highest peak, Mont Pelat which is 3051 metres above sea level.
The many valleys adjacent to ours, have rivers which drain the surrounding summits into the Verdon.


Geology :

For the 300 000 years when glaciers covered Europe, one of them occupied the area which is now the Upper Verdon Valley, eroding the soft rocks and scouring out the precipitous cliffs we see today.
Many autochtonal formations made up of thin layers of limestone alternating with clay beds, give us the cliffs which are covered in scree and sharp pointed rocks.
From the quaternary era we have inherited scree slopes and "cônes de déjection", typical of the commune of Beauvezer.


The Verdon :

High altitude streams (between 2000 and 2500 m high) give birth to the Verdon on the slopes of "la Sestrière".
The 570 km2 catchment area of the Upper Verdon is situated for more than 80% of the area at over 1500 m.
The rivers drop is 9.3%, and its average annual flow is 9 m3/s at Thorame-Haute.
It is for these reasons that the Verdon is highly capricious, and if at certain times it resembles a quiet stream, at other times it is a raging torrent !


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